Block listing Six Monthly Return

15 December 2017

(Note: Italicised terms have the same meaning as given in the Listing Rules.)

Name ofapplicant: Carr's Group plc
Name of scheme: Carr's Milling Industries Sharesave Scheme 2006;
Carr's Milling Industries Approved Executive Share Option Scheme 2006;
Carr's Milling Industries Unapproved Executive Share Option Scheme 2006; and
Carr's Milling Industries Long Term Incentive Plan 2013
Period of return: From: 14 June 2017 To: 15 December 2017
Balance of unallotted securities under scheme(s) from previous return: 921,870
Plus: The amount by which the block scheme(s) has been increased since the date of the last return (if any increase has been applied for): 0
Less: Number ofsecuritiesissued/allotted under scheme(s) during period (see LR3.5.7G): 7,100
Equals: Balance under scheme(s) not yet issued/allotted at end of period: 914,770
Name of contact: Matthew Ratcliffe
Telephone number of contact: 01228 554 600